Our philosophy:

Our business philosophy of creating a win-win environment for all concerned has been our formula for success.
We are an eco-friendly manufacturer. 'Recycle' has been our mantra, and our spinning mill, dye house and garmenting section are powered by green energy. We use organic cotton for more than 80% of our garments that are branded by the best names globally!

  • Our Mission is to conduct business in a sustainable and eco friendly manner
  • Our philosophy of creating a WIN-WIN environment for all concerned gives us the satisfaction of well being, for all around us, Our Employees, Our Customers, Our Stakeholders , Our Lenders and Society.
  • We work Brands with a similar ideology to enable promote this environment globally.
  • We use Organic Cotton for more than 80% of our garments and Green Energy in our Spinning Mill, Dye house and Garmenting Sector.
  • Recycle is practiced intensely and very important to us
  • Our Training facility gives every person the opportunity to enhance their skills and learn more and new areas of the business. Thus making them better and confident human beings.
  • Technology is adapted with ease and encouraged in all areas where ever possible. As a Vertical Company we find this gives us the necessary Speed , ease and Accuracy which is the need of the hour.
  • The Company is growing every Year, In difficult times when the markets collapse and all odds go against, we learn a new lesson and use it to stand out as winners.
  • We are passionate in what we do and we enjoy this Grace and are thankful for the opportunity.

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